Wellbeing Activities at Rooted

There are several studies available detailing the positive effects of gardening and generally being outside in the open air amongst nature.

Your Wellbeing

There are several studies available detailing the positive effects of gardening and generally being outside in the open air amongst nature. Taking a walk through our gates, there is a sense of separation from the hustle and bustle of the city and it is easy to forget where you are once you have spent an hour or so digging in the soil. We know it works.

We often see an overall improvement in the general demeanour and self-confidence of an individual once they have taken part in any kind of task that gives them a sense of value, working together with someone to achieve the same goal can often be a trigger to boosting self-esteem, allowing them to feel a part of something.

We run a number of weekly activities designed to bring people together in what is a relaxing, non-judgemental environment with the key aim of improving the physical and mental well-being 0f the people in our community.

Wednesday Sessions

These are weekly from 10 am are open to the public but do require booking in advance.  Activities range from arts and crafts, music and of course cooking, usually using something from our own produce.

Rooted in Sunshine is our women’s group that meet on Thursdays.  They are a group of around 15 to 20 women who have their own little corner of the farm that they have spent the last few years decorating and making their own.  Meeting weekly, and from a number of different backgrounds the women have managed to help each other through their own struggles.  Their weekly meeting also always makes use of Paul the chef who works closely with them as they plan their weekly meal and help to cook in the kitchen as he shares his culinary knowledge.

We create reasons for you to come to Rooted, and when you’re here, we help you connect.

What people think about Rooted in Hull

“Looking around the apiary at the Rooted in Hull site is fascinating. For such an urban setting it’s encouraging to see so many bees. The honey is delicious”.

Sara Turner

“I really enjoy the events that are held at Rooted, I’ve seen some great bands and entertainers over the years and the food is great “.

Tim Smith

“What I love about Rooted in Hull is that there is so much going on, everywhere you look there’s a different project going on, it’s so diverse”.

Tina Simpkins

Rooted in Hull is a social enterprise based in Hull city centre that promotes wellbeing and sustainability through grow your own food projects, creative workshops and events. ‘We grow people and food’ is what we do, and we have lots of activities on what is essentially an urban farm.

From beekeeping and creative events through to sustainability projects including growing food, solar panels, water collecting and our compost toilet Rooted in Hull has wellbeing at the very forefront of their thinking. Come and pay us a visit.



There is always plenty going off at Rooted in Hull and we always have something to talk about and lots to update you with our many projects and activities that we run on and off the site