Cultural Events at Rooted

We try to do as many creative events as we possibly can, because that’s when Rooted in Hull swells with people. Contact us if you would like to contribute with your own creative work, we are here to help our community to thrive.

The red container does not look at all special when all its secrets are closed up inside, but on the morning of an event day, there is always a sense of childish excitement amongst us as we open up Red’s doors.  The transformation is spectacular as the doors open wide onto a purpose built stage area, but even more so when the community comes together for some live music or poetry. Recently, world slam poetry champion, Harry Baker, chose our red container venue to kick off his UK tour.

Always alcohol free, there is a unique atmosphere that seems to resonate from Rooted, whenever we host an event. The place seems to explode into life, revealing two distinct identities from one day to the next. One being a place of peace and tranquillity where you can help us with the gardening, the other, a vibrant hive of activity providing access to some of Hull’s best cultural, historical and musical talents.

As the weather improves we hope to welcome back our regular local favourite, The Hull History Nerd and look forward to his excellent accounts and stories, some of which actually directly relate to our own site’s historic location as part of Hull’s maritime past.

The red container also functions as a fully heated art exhibition space and we welcome the chance to provide exhibition opportunities to local artists who would like to display their work for the people of Hull.

Last summer (2022) saw our first proper music festival, Rootstock, which saw a huge community turnout. We look forward to repeating it every year. Contact us if you would like to contribute with your own creative work, we are here to help our community to thrive.

What people think about Rooted in Hull

“Looking around the apiary at the Rooted in Hull site is fascinating. For such an urban setting it’s encouraging to see so many bees. The honey is delicious”.

Sara Turner

“I really enjoy the events that are held at Rooted, I’ve seen some great bands and entertainers over the years and the food is great “.

Tim Smith

“What I love about Rooted in Hull is that there is so much going on, everywhere you look there’s a different project going on, it’s so diverse”.

Tina Simpkins

Rooted in Hull is a social enterprise based in Hull city centre that promotes wellbeing and sustainability through grow your own food projects, creative workshops and events. ‘We grow people and food’ is what we do, and we have lots of activities on what is essentially an urban farm.

From beekeeping and creative events through to sustainability projects including growing food, solar panels, water collecting and our compost toilet Rooted in Hull has wellbeing at the very forefront of their thinking. Come and pay us a visit.



There is always plenty going off at Rooted in Hull and we always have something to talk about and lots to update you with our many projects and activities that we run on and off the site