people and food

We promote wellbeing and sustainability through grow your own food projects, creative workshops and events

our story

Rooted in Hull exists in a place where it should not. Hundreds of years of industrial history including shipping, timber and fishing, left our little piece of Hull derelict and without purpose. The fallout from the ending of such a vibrant industrial city stretches far and wide across time, so much so, that many of us still find ourselves struggling to make ends meet, from one month to the next in these modern times.



At Rooted in Hull, we pride ourselves on being a part of our community. We are made up of our community, being one and the same as the people that use our services. We know that our community sees itself represented within our staff and our volunteers and this promotes a real sense that we are helping ourselves.


farm projects

Our vision for Rooted in Hull was to create a safe space in the heart of the city, that allowed people to come together and connect. We have successfully created a farm where a farm has no real right to exist.


As an established urban farm at the heart of Hull city we took the decision to start keeping bees with the view to producing our very own honey.

creative events

We try to do as many creative events as we possibly can, because that’s when the Rooted in Hull community swells with people and creativity.


There are several studies available detailing the positive effects of gardening and generally being outside in the open air amongst nature.



There is always plenty going off at Rooted in Hull and we always have something to talk about and lots to update you with our many projects and activities that we run on and off the site