A Sustainable Site

We have created our site in such a way, that if we were told that we had to leave at anytime in the future, we would be able to remove everything and relocate in a relatively short time.

Water Sustainability

We have benefitted from a number of local businesses in Hull, particularly those that are in the immediate vicinity to our site. We exist on what is known as ‘meanwhile use’ land, that being land in the heart of an industrial area that would otherwise be left unused, which is owned by our generous next door neighbours, Humber Galvanising Ltd.

We have created our site in such a way, that if we were told that we had to leave at anytime in the future, we would be able to remove everything and relocate in a relatively short time. Our other next door neighbours are Royal Mail, as we are next to the parcel collection centre in Hull. Royal mail were kind enough to allow us to use their relatively large building so that we could demonstrate our ability to promote the ways in which we are able make water more sustainable.

This starts with us collecting rain water from their roof, which we can then use to water our plants. In fact, if we get 6 mm of rain, we should collect 6000 litres of water. We should all consider collecting water, if you are able to at home or school or any building that is local to you. If you wish to know more, come in and talk to us about it, and see the water we’re collecting in the heart of the city.

We use natural recycling of our grey waste water from the kitchen which utilises four separate reed beds for filtration of the impurities. An ongoing project, working alongside Hull University which demonstrates how we can all enlist in a number of simple water sustainability activities.

Compost Toilet

One of our most popular features, particularly amongst our youngest visitors, is our French designed compost loo. Endorsed by none other than the Lord Mayor, who gave his seal of approval and proudly posed for a photograph whilst mounted upon it!

Everybody finds its design fascinating, and nobody seems able to resist taking a look inside.  Whilst inside, you will see the aforementioned photograph upon the wall, and then, then you will need to lift the lid and peer down, deep, deep down until, you confirm that it is in fact, just like any other toilet, except everything is so far down, there’s nothing to see and no nasty smell.  There is no running water required, no flush, everything is down in that place you just had to look into, it’s ok, everybody does it, in fact we insist!

There it shall stay, down in the dark, whilst Mother Nature quietly does her good work.

We love our toilet, you may be able to tell!

What people think about Rooted in Hull

“Looking around the apiary at the Rooted in Hull site is fascinating. For such an urban setting it’s encouraging to see so many bees. The honey is delicious”.

Sara Turner

“I really enjoy the events that are held at Rooted, I’ve seen some great bands and entertainers over the years and the food is great “.

Tim Smith

“What I love about Rooted in Hull is that there is so much going on, everywhere you look there’s a different project going on, it’s so diverse”.

Tina Simpkins

Rooted in Hull is a social enterprise based in Hull city centre that promotes wellbeing and sustainability through grow your own food projects, creative workshops and events. ‘We grow people and food’ is what we do, and we have lots of activities on what is essentially an urban farm.

From beekeeping and creative events through to sustainability projects including growing food, solar panels, water collecting and our compost toilet Rooted in Hull has wellbeing at the very forefront of their thinking. Come and pay us a visit.



There is always plenty going off at Rooted in Hull and we always have something to talk about and lots to update you with our many projects and activities that we run on and off the site