We always need help

Funding organisations are currently our main source of income. We have received funding for our work over the years from a number of organisations including the National Lottery, Comic Relief and The Rank Organisation.

At Rooted in Hull, we pride ourselves on being a part of our community. We are made up of our community, being one and the same as the people that use our services. We know that our community sees itself represented within our staff and our volunteers and this promotes a real sense that we are helping ourselves.

However, we always need financial help. We cannot exist properly without your help. We have many opportunities for you to donate your time, skills and physical energy as part of our volunteering program. Lots of our activities are run by volunteers who already possess the skills required to allow them to share their knowledge and abilities as part of one of our sessions. We rely on the good nature of our community to enable us to continue to carry our work, and ensure that what we are doing is exactly what is required in the community. We cannot properly carry out our work without financial assistance.

We have received funding for our work over the years from a number of organisations including the National Lottery, Comic Relief and The Rank Organisation.  These funds are highly sought after and due to the current economic climate, are grossly oversubscribed. Whilst this situation is not ideal, funding organisations are currently our main source of income, and writing bids that accurately represent the work we do at Rooted is still an important and time consuming process.

We have a number of innovative ways that bring in small amounts of income that allow us to fund the small things such our pay it forward scheme, this allows for attendees to pay a little extra in our shop, so that those in our community who may be struggling financially can enjoy a meal at Rooted, financed by other community members. The donate now button means that you can contribute to our pay it forward scheme, even If you are not physically on site.

We consider the companies that operate in and around our community to be part of that community and, sharing the pay it forward ethos, recognise that everybody should be able to enjoy our site, regardless of their social or economic background.

We would like to hear from any organisations, particularly those that share our interest in food sustainability and the environment, who recognise the benefit of actively participating in helping to financially support Rooted in Hull.

Your financial contribution will enable people in our community to attend our activity sessions and cultural events for free, they will allow those attending our activities, often among some of the most vulnerable members of our community learn to grow, cook and eat more healthily. Our program of creative arts and food activities exist with improving the physical and mental well-being of our community as the main aim. If you or your business feels that you can make a financial contribution to help aid us with our work, then please use the “donate now” button, or contact us for more information on how you might benefit from a number of promotional opportunities for your company.

What people think about Rooted in Hull

“What I love about Rooted in Hull is that there is so much going on, everywhere you look there’s a different project going on, it’s so diverse”.

Tina Simpkins

“Looking around the apiary at the Rooted in Hull site is fascinating. For such an urban setting it’s encouraging to see so many bees. The honey is delicious”.

Sara Turner

“I really enjoy the events that are held at Rooted, I’ve seen some great bands and entertainers over the years and the food is great “.

Tim Smith

Rooted in Hull is a social enterprise based in Hull city centre that promotes wellbeing and sustainability through grow your own food projects, creative workshops and events. ‘We grow people and food’ is what we do, and we have lots of activities on what is essentially an urban farm.

From beekeeping and creative events through to sustainability projects including growing food, solar panels, water collecting and our compost toilet Rooted in Hull has wellbeing at the very forefront of their thinking. Come and pay us a visit.



There is always plenty going off at Rooted in Hull and we always have something to talk about and lots to update you with our many projects and activities that we run on and off the site